Arcona 410

We launched the first Arcona 410 in June 2011 and immediately the Arcona team realized that the she outperformed our existing high expectations of her. Together with leading European yacht journalists, we have been impressed by the speed, comfort, great lines and ability to sail her with ease, even in difficult weather conditions. The first of the Arcona range to carry twin wheels, she combines exceptional sailing performance whether cruising or racing with roomy comfort for family and crew.

Arcona 410’s predecessor, Arcona 400, was the model that put Arcona on the map. Launched in early 2000, the concept of a performance cruiser took Scandinavia by storm with the Arcona 400 and production increased with 300% over a few years. The Arcona 400 is still today Arconas most sold model. The Arcona 410, with her beautiful lines and modern hull shape, continues in the tradition of Arcona 400 as a quality performance cruiser with attention to detail.

The Arcona 410 is built with the latest materials and advanced techniques. Her lay-up, which incorporates a 20mm Divinycell foam core between two structural laminates in glass fibre, infused with vacuum technology. All bulkheads are laminated to the hull and deck for added strength. At the heart of the boat is the galvanised steel cradle taking all the dynamic loads of rig, mast and keel, ensuring that the boat is both strong and stiff, as well as responsive.

Her keel design and balanced rudder, together with the thoughtful deck layout and wide side decks make her easy to handle under sail. The interior formed of rich Khaya Mahogany is beautifully handcrafted and can be built as a three or two cabin version with one or two heads compartments.


“The trump card of Arcona boats has always been their agility on the water; they have an unnerving ability to embarrass flashier yachts. Here’s a piece of advice for anyone who wants to get the best out of an Arcona 410 in light airs: don’t touch the wheel. She was so well balanced in our Force 2 to 3 test sail through the archipelago that any human intervention would only have been liable to create drag.” – Toby Hodges, Yachting World, November 2011

“I am thrilled – very thrilled. Arcona 410 is a boat for connoisseurs, a particularly successful hybrid between the classic and the modern. The sailing qualities are a delight, and under the deck she is a magnificent cruiser.” – Øyvind Bordal, Seilas Magazine, February 2012

“As far as quality is concerned, Arcona Yachts is expected to remain true to its own, unusually high standards, even with the latest model. The workmanship on the Arcona 410 is impeccable down to the last detail and even in places that are not immediately accessible and visible. In addition, the shipyard does not save on the quality of its vendor parts: hinges, door handles and fittings not only look beautiful, but also look extremely solid and durable.” – Michael Good, Yacht, September 2011

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Stefan Qviberg
12.20 m
Vesilinjan pituus
11.20 m
3.9 m
7 800 kg
Maston korkeus
19.80 m
Yanmar 3JH5/SD50
145 litres
230 litres
Kuuma vesi
75 litres
57 m2
Jib 107%
45 m2
148 m2
132 m2
16.6 m
4.55 m
5.85 m
4.92 (107%)
CE luokitus


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