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Arcona 50

  • European Yacht of the Year 2024 Winner
  • Ideal for long-distance sailing
  • The New Flagship
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Arcona Yachts

Arcona 465 Carbon

  • Built with carbon hull, deck and rigging
  • Choose if you want her cruising or racing outfitted
  • Crafted in Sweden
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Arcona Yachts

Arcona 435 Mk II

  • "The Greyhound of the Seas" - YM
  • Fast like a 50ft yacht
  • Winner of the European Yacht of the Year 2019
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Arcona Yachts

Arcona 415

  • Electric or Diesel
  • Ideal for shorthanded cruising
  • Three interior layout options
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Arcona Yachts

Arcona 385

  • Beautifully balanced
  • Modern design, smart solutions
  • Efficient in the water and responsive to the helm
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Arcona Yachts

Arcona 345

  • Exciting 34ft performance-cruiser
  • Twin wheels as standard
  • Khaya Mahogany or an Oak interior
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This is Arcona

“It is a fantastic feeling when you set sails, start to trim and feel the drive in the boat. When she gets a touch of heel and takes off. You feel the balance and stiffness, that is unbeatable. That’s a world class yacht.” – Torgny Jansson, founder.

The DNA for Arcona Yachts is really the concept of a hybrid cruiser-racer. When you draw a pure race yacht, you don’t have to think about comfort on board and speed is your single focus. Drawing a cruiser is not too challenging either when your single focus is comfort and sailing performance is not important. However, to successfully design a yacht that performs well in racing, as well as being comfortable and safe to cruise for the family, that is a real trick. A very important key stone is that the yacht is light weight. The lighter yacht you have, the faster she sails and the better features she will have.

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