Previous Models
Arcona 460
When Arcona 460 was launched she became Arcona Yacht’s flagship.
Arcona 430
Arcona 430 was a great success and awarded European Yacht of the Year 2009.
Arcona 410
The Arcona 410 continued the tradition of the A400 as a quality performance cruiser with attention to detail.
Arcona 400
The Arcona 400 was one of the leading yachts for the trend cruiser-racer and became an icon.
Arcona 380
The Arcona 380 was a highly popular model among cruising families and race crews.
Arcona 370
She became one of the quickest of her size and were highly appreciated by many families.
Arcona 355
The Arcona 355 is an easy manageable and well sailing little jem!
Arcona 340
Nominated for European Yacht of the Year in the Performance Cruiser category in 2010.