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Performance Cruiser defines our DNA

“I loved this boat. She wasn’t showy or loud, wildly modern or overly traditional. She looks designed to do exactly what you’d want a boat to do and do it with ease. She handles exceedingly well, so light in the water she seems to skim across the surface, with speeds to match – an easy 8-10kt. But she doesn’t fight you hard, even in a blow.”

– Sam’s Verdict, Sailing Today 2017, Arcona 465

“It is a fantastic feeling when you set sails, start to trim and feel the drive in the boat. When she gets a touch of heel and takes off, you feel the balance and stiffness, that is unbeatable. That’s a world class yacht.”

– Torgny Jansson, founder of Arcona Yachts AB


Yachts by Sailors, for Sailors

At Arcona, we don’t just build yachts, we sail them. We know when the reach from the wheel is too great and we make an adjustment. We understand when we need an extra foot support or how to make it easier to reach a winch. Our quest at Arcona is for mastery of each project. Our passion is to build yachts that define the ultimate sailing experience.



The DNA for Arcona Yachts is the concept of a cruiser-racer. When you draw a pure race yacht, you don’t have to think about comfort on board and speed is your single focus. Drawing a cruiser is not too challenging either when your single focus is comfort and sailing performance is not important. However, to successfully design a yacht that performs well in racing, as well as being comfortable and safe to cruise for the family, that is a real trick.


How we do it, the Arcona way

The cornerstone of Arcona yacht design is light rigid construction. The owner who wishes to race his yacht needs a highly responsive efficiently driven sail plan. When the owner is cruising, passage planning becomes easy. Our owners have cruised in the West Indies and all over the world, their yachts laden with additional equipment.  We have been able to constantly refine our yachts, defined by their sailing experiences. Consequently our yachts are light and able to navigate safely in all sailing conditions without compromise. Each piece of the design puzzle is important. For example, a cockpit layout that is optimal for cruising, where you can reach everything yourself – to when you enter it into a race and need to accommodate your full crew. By combining the knowledge of both aspects, we have successfully managed to develop a range of world beating cruiser-racers. Arcona yachts are designed to race in comfort and cruise with speed.

The quality is a cornerstone

The design and quality of our yachts is important to us and we don’t take shortcuts in the process of building an Arcona. Every yacht is handcrafted by professionals and built with the highest quality materials. The equipment and instruments on board are from established and proven brands. We only choose suppliers that care as much about their products as we do for our yachts.

The production process of a new boat poses thousands of different questions and complex decisions; the selection of materials, the specification of the fittings, the choice of running and standing rigging, to name but a few. The solution is to precisely tailor each decision to meet the high standards we have set to achieve owner expectations. It is a laborious process, yet straightforward – quite simply, we want to build you a boat that you will love and that we can be proud of.

Our Support

Our Arcona owners are important to us and we are proud of the level of support that we give them once they have taken delivery of their new boat. We provide many of our owners with advice and assistance on all aspects of their yachts including, winter maintenance, and the installation of additional equipment. Furthermore, there are an Arcona Owners’ Association, SARC, with active programmes of events several countries!

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