The Official Arcona Club

The Arcona Community


To own an Arcona yacht is something special. You become a part of a very tight community of passionate sailors and you are never alone in the #arconaworld. Together Arcona owners have created the club SARC (Society of Arcona Sailors), that get together and hosts sailing events, dinners and seminars for all the club members. At the SARC website you can locate other Arcona yachts in your area. It is not uncommon that when you dock into a harbour with your Arcona, other Arcona owners will come and help you, even show you a better spot – this is our community spirit. You should always feel supported as an Arcona owner. 

Do you own an Arcona and want to become a member?

Go to the SARC website >>

Note: The SARC website is in Swedish.