Explore with Imray!


Explore with Imray brings to life a treasure trove of content from Imray’s world-renowned library of informative pilot books in a new digital, geolocated format. In addition, it provides a community-based resource where like-minded sailors can share valuable knowledge, individual experiences and stories.

The information and inspiration on Explore with Imray currently covers more than 8,000 locations and routes, presented as pins on an interactive map. These pins expand to show pilotage information and sailing directions alongside marina, anchorage, contact, mooring and facilities details, together with informative photos, and clear Imray chartlets.

Explore with Imray content has been carefully researched and authenticated first-hand by experienced sailors and is presented alongside data from networks of local contacts, official hydrographic offices plus relevant organisations and institutions.

By joining the Explore Community, members can add their own contributions and updates to the location-based information, which will be checked and moderated. There is also the great opportunity to share and re-live personal sailing adventures in the form of blog posts.

Imray are continually adding in further digitised content from their extensive range of cruising guidebooks. Coverage currently includes the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Baltic and Northern Europe, Atlantic Europe, the Atlantic Islands, and the Mediterranean. There’s even some coverage of the South China Sea! Membership of Explore with Imray gives you access to all of this amazing content.

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