Meet David Bourne – Development & Aftersales Manager


Welcome David Bourne!
David has just started his position with us as Development & Aftersales Manager. Alongside managing Aftersales tasks, David will also be an important cog in our team for the development of both existing and future boat models.

David has many years of experience in the boat industry, with 20 years at Hallberg-Rassy as Aftermarket Manager. For the last three years David held a position as Project Manager at Swede Ship Marine, a company that both builds and repairs smaller commercial vessels, amongst other boats, for the Swedish and Norwegian Sea Rescue Societies.

David originally comes from the seaside town of Southampton but has been living on the Swedish west coast since 1987. David’s interest in sailing started during the period when as a young man he worked on charter boats in the West Indies. Since then he has been a keen sailor, sailing primarily for pleasure.

David says “I am really looking forward to being back in the leisure boat business! It is especially fun to join the team at Arcona, one of Sweden’s finest yacht brands, one that continues to maintain a fine tradition and world-class quality.”

Contact information for David:
+46 851 941 042
+46 768 516 602

Welcome to the team!