Success in the ARC 2021 for Arcona 460 IdaLina


48 hours prior to setting sail on the 36th ARC, on 20th November 2021, the crew of Arcona 460 SY IdaLina caught up with 

Tina Bååth and her husband Ingmar Ravudd are sailing on their Swedish Arcona 460 IdaLina with his two sons, one other female crew and young J109 sailor, Sanna Moliis. Both were on the dock carefully washing and preparing a huge pile of fruit and vegetables that they’d just bought from the market and spoke about how they were feeling: “There’s so much to do right now that you don’t have time to work out what you are feeling,” said Tina. “The main problem is where are we going to put all this food? I want to know how I will feel when I am out there in the middle of the ocean, with the night sky and probably feeling so small. I wonder what will happen to my thoughts when I don’t have the TV and all the normal information, but I am absolutely looking forward to start day now.”

They went on to successfully complete the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers finishing second in Class B of the Cruising Division. 20 days, 6 hrs and 25 mins at sea arriving 8th December 2021. An awesome achievement.