The first Arcona 415 is in build


The first Arcona 415 is now in build!

The Arcona 415 is one of the first series produced sailing yachts with electric propulsion as standard. This model can also be specified with a diesel engine. The choice is yours!

Arcona Yachts is proud to have the largest fleet of electric ‘zero emissions’ yachts on the water, the first being the Arcona 380Z launched in 2015.

Arcona performance cruisers will always sail beautifully but in light winds, when you need to use the engine, electric propulsion is the way forward. The sleek and light hull design works extremely well with electric propulsion. Comfort, performance and zero emissions if you need to use the engine, what more could you ask for from your yacht!

Find out more about the Arcona 415, or see her for yourself on the water very soon.