A Liv(ely) blue whale encounter

LOG 20 Arcona 400, SY Liv (LivSailing) – Yes, they are back!
Date: Sunday 12 December
Position: 14° 4.460’ N 60° 56.929’ W
SOG: 17.3 kn
Location: Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia
Distance Sailed during the crossing: 2834 NM
Distance Sailed total: 6113 NM
Weather: Sunny 31°
Most popular on the menu: Everything the restaurant Elena’s could offer: pizza, hamburgers, salads, juices, smoothie, pancakes, ice cream. We were a little bit tired of cooking during the crossing, not only due to the supply of groceries we had, but also because we always had to be at least two persons whatever we wanted to prepare. So the feeling of being served food at a table and not having to hold on to everything was… just amazing!
Animals spotted: Blue whales, sea turtles, sharks and dolphins
Comment of the week: “We made it!”
Yes! We made it! It was a very exhausted crew that arrived in Saint Lucia the night between Wednesday and Thursday, but also a very proud crew. It had been much harder than we anticipated and the conditions were much rougher than expected. So the feeling of seeing land, crossing the finish line and dock into the marina – pure happiness!
The first night in the marina, we all slept so well, the feeling of NOT being on a roller coaster, such a relief! The first morning kids from one other ARC boat came by, wanted to meet and hang out with our kids. From that point on, we didn’t see much of the younger members of our crew, especially when more ARC kids boats arrived. Except for when we were heading to the restaurants. So fun to see how all the kids are enjoying hanging out with each other!
Except for sleeping, eating and cleaning the boat, a lot of time was spent talking to other crew members sharing crossing experiences. Even though we all left Las Palmas at the exact same time, we all had different stories to tell. Our conclusion: you can never know what to expect crossing an ocean, you have to be prepared for everything!
The coolest thing on the crossing – swimming with a blue whale! See the video below

Next week – we will say goodbye to Martin and we will start exploring Saint Lucia. Even though Rodney Bay Marina with a pool, good restaurants and all the service that you need have been so great, we now are looking forward to seeing areas outside the marina. Next stop will be Marigot Bay.

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